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Rotary Magnetic Encoders CNC Spindle Encoder


Product origin :Jilin, China

Delivery time :5 working days

Supply capacity : 5000 pcs per week

Rotary magnetic encoders as a CNC spindle encoderadopts advanced non contract design , widely used in automatic control, measurement and CNC spindle encoder . It can be directly installed on the machine spindle without synchronous wheel transmission. Long life and saving cost.The Grating component of encoder is directly connected.

Model: RTD


1. The non-contact,frictionless design ensures long-term reliability and simple installation

2. Direct transmission to avoid the backlash.

3. 0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm modules are optional.

4. High frequency response 0-6000KHZ.1VPP and TTL output signal.

5. Compact built-in inductive head applicable to small installation space.

6. High protection class(IP68) for harsh environment.

7. Stable positioning precision of quick drilling and tool change

Basic Specifications:

Supply VoltageDC5V±0.25V
Output SignalLine Driver(26LS31)/7272B
Current Requirement≤200mA
Frequency Response0-300kHZ
Resolution2048 PPR
Slew Speed100000 r/min
Reading HeadT,I,P,L
Alloeable Input Angle Acceleration10000rad/S2
Starting Torque3X1O-2N·m
Moment of Inertia6X10-5KGM
Pluse NO.1024BM/2048BM/3600BM/5000BM
Protection ClassIP65

Mechanical Drawing:


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