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Product origin :Jilin,China

Delivery time :5 working days

Supply capacity :5000 pcs per week

Gear tooth encoder uses American advanced technology R&D TMR sensor with high sensitivity and response speed, and has high superiority with gears.
Gear tooth encoder has the features of non-contact sensing method to detect the rotating position and speed; sturdy and durable, easy to install, optional various output mode, direct drive, without indirect transmission error; small sensor head suit for smaller installation spaces. Compact protection class (IP68) for hash environment; long term reliability and simple installation.The sensor passes the certification is CE ISO9001 & SGS and widely used in numerical control machine, textile industry and packing machinery, etc.

ROUNDSS as China the 2nd largest encoder manufacturer offer you 128PPR and 4096PPR two types product optional,

you can select you need.




ROUNDSS gear tooth encoder provide 0.4-2 gear module,0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm modules, 0-500KHz high corresponding 

output, output signal is sine wave ( 1Vpp typical) and square wave,TTL(RS422 Line Drive) and 128-256 Standard gear are 

available. The sensor is internally biased with a permanent magnet and detects the interaction from an external ferrous gear 


● The non-contact,frictionless design ensures long-term reliability and simple installation

● Direct transmission to avoid the backlash.

● High frequency response 0-6000KHZ.1VPP and TTL output signal

● Compact built-in inductive head applicable to small installation space.

● High protection class(IP68) for harsh environment.

● Stable positioning precision of quick drilling and tool change

● Long life and saving cost.The Grating component of encoder is directly connected

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